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Golden Teacher Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis)

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Strain Origin

One of the classics, highly sought-after P. Cubensis varieties that first appeared in the 1980’s.  From there, its popularity in the microscopy community has just continued to grow. Exact origin is not known although according to the community grapevine this variety was first found on a farm in Georgia. Original specimens were said to have very thick robust stems, which were massive. 


Dark purplish black spores, sub ellipsoid on 4-spored basidia. Caps are generally dark spore printers and 40-60mm in diameter. 

Kit Contents

  • 10CC Psilocybe Cubensis spore solution in luer-lok syringe
  • 1 x sterile 18ga blunt tipped needle

Shipping Information

All orders ship within 1 business day. Delivery times are typically 2-3 days to most locations.

Shipping of any active mushroom spores is unavailable to California, Idaho, and Georgia due to state laws.

If you have any questions regarding shipping to your location, don't hesitate to email or call our sales team.

Product & Shipping Disclaimers

These spores are from a species that produces psilocybin and psilocin. Shipping of active mushroom spores is unavailable to California, Idaho, and Georgia due to state laws.

Please note, our magic mushroom spores are intended for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only. Images provided are for informational and educational reference and come from cultivators and labs outside of the USA. Eden Shrooms is not involved in the cultivation of active mushroom species. Cultivation of magic mushrooms, which includes all psilocybin and psilocin containing mushroom species is illegal in the United States.

DO NOT inoculate grains or any other substrates with our Magic Mushroom Spores. The subsequent mycelia and fruiting bodies that will be produced will contain psilocybin and/or psilocin, which are active substances that are classified as Schedule I drugs under the Controlled Substances Act.

Customer Reviews

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Ronald S.

Very pleased I bought stuff from curative nothing but some contamination with yours I'm seeing mycelium very happy 😀

Very pleased!! 👍👍

Seem to be decent genetics . Its intresting to watch the mycelium grow in grains or agar ! After a week the mycelium began to grow an after start to grow faster 🙌. Will update when fruiting stage begins after break an shake .

Perfect 5/5 *

First time buyer from ES.
Fast shipping of high quality samples.
Extremely pleased.
Buy with confidence!

scott h.

Golden Teacher Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis)

Nailyne M.

Golden Teacher Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis)